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Le Marche Region is the heart of Italy and offers a unique taste of Italian culture. Our plans are designed for curious and authentic travellers like you who want to experience nature and beauty away from the usual beaten path. Take a leisurely walk and explore the rich local culture, surrounded by small farms, homegrown produce, wineries, and unique craftspeople who have their own special stories and traditions to share. Immerse yourself in the authentic charm of the region and discover the hidden gems that make it truly special.

Discover Le Marche Region with our 2 unique tours around the heart of Italy

Explore the hidden gems of Le Marche and embark on an exclusive journey like no other, where every step leads to exquisite treasures waiting to be discovered.

Meticulously designed and crafted with utmost attention to detail, our itineraries allow you to immerse yourself in the sublime essence of our territory.

Let us guide you through our “sleeping beauties” : breathtaking landmarks, peaceful natural sceneries, genuine local cuisine, and enchanting antique villages, where the locals eagerly invite you to experience their rich customs and traditions, with open doors and warm hearts.

In your experience

  • Local tour experts Michela and Giulia will warmly welcome you and provide all the essential information about Le Marche.
  • You will discover the hidden treasures of this incredible region and visit the most beautiful and characteristic villages at your leisure without feeling rushed.
  • Immerse yourself fully in the culture and traditions of Le Marche – experience the local way of life, indulge in their exquisite food and wines, and make lasting connections with the warm and welcoming community.

Arts and flavours, a journey in the north of Le Marche – live like a Local!

06 – 12 october 2024
04 – 10 May 2025
05 – 11 October 2025

}7 days and 6 nights

from € 1.995,00 per person in double room

Explore the enchanting north of Le Marche and live an authentic experience surrounded by picturesque hills and the artistry of the Renaissance. Embrace the rich regional culture and ancient local traditions such as fishing in the Adriatic Sea while admiring the historic landmarks and breath-taking sceneries.
Let us guide you to the UNESCO heritage site of Urbino, the birthplace of Raffaello Sanzio (Raphael) and great historical figures like the Duke Federico da Montefeltro.
In this journey you’ll meet the guardians of the land: extraordinary farmers and craftspeople who re-discovered ancient flavours and traditional methods to create stunning terracotta and sandstone crafts. You will enter their amazing workplaces, meet their families and make precious new friends who pass down knowledge and skills, preserving the identity of this beautiful territory.
Discover the north of Le Marche with Curiousitalia!

● Begin your journey at Rome airport where a private minivan will drive you to Le Marche: Michela and Giulia will host a welcome dinner for you!.

● Put your hands to work by preparing the traditional “Tacconi”, a typical fresh pasta exclusive to Le Marche countryside, made with the Slow Food trademarked flour ” favetta”.

● Discover the ancient artistry of terracotta by learning from skilled craft masters and find the timeless beauty of its uses throughout history.

● Visit a special local winery and discover the story of an incredible family while savouring their exquisite DOC wine.

● Experience the magic of Fano’s harbour with its fishermen as your guides. Discover their way of life and enjoy the authentic flavour of their traditional “brodetto di pesce” (fish soup).

● Immerse yourself in the antique blue colour extracted from the “guado” plant : a special day between art, history and heritage in the homeland of Raffaello Sanzio.

● Take part in an exciting truffle hunt with an expert guide, the “tartufaio”, and his loyal and precious dog.

● Listen to the inspiring tale of Natalia, the skilled sculptress who brought the gentle Virgin Mary to life in beautiful sandstone.

● Explore an ancient mill up on the Cartoceto hills and taste the exquisite “oli bon” – the highly esteemed DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil of our land.

Genuine traditions: “Cultura, Cucina e Cuore” in the south of Le Marche

15 – 21 September 2024
11 – 17 May 2025
14 – 20 Sptember 2025

}7 days and 6 nights

from € 2.880,00 per person in double room

Embark on a journey of authentic discovery in the southern part of Le Marche and live a genuine and unique experience!
Wander around the white palaces of Ascoli Piceno and let yourself be seduced by the majesty of the Sibillini Mountains. We will guide you through the rich heritage of Le Marche and its most ancient traditions including the Travertino Cave, accurately managed by young and passionate locals.
Come and taste the distinctive flavours of the green anise and the Pecorino wine, and immerse yourself in the local culture with the bobbing lace. Encounter charming locals and indulge in authentic culinary experiences while discovering the true meaning of being a “Marchigiano”.
Let yourself be carried away by history, nature, and by the unique flavours of this fascinating Italian region.
Discover the South of Le Marche with Curiousitalia!

● Become part of the tenacious and welcoming community of Ascoli Piceno by staying in a historic palace in the heart of the city.

● Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting “rue”, “gentilizie” towers, and indulge in mouth-watering delicacies like the famous “cacciananz”.

● In Offida, you will learn about the antique tradition of “tombolo” lace and witness the pride and passion of the skilled women of this charming village as they present their exquisite masterpieces.

● Taste the green anice of Castignano, one of the slow food trademarks of Le Marche.

● Set foot on the paths of the Sibillini mountains, as you listen to the whispers of La Sibilla. Marvel at the vibrant tones of Castelluccio’s plain and savour the taste of lentils and cheeses, admiring the majestic Vettore mountain!

● Come join Rosa’s family for a fun cooking class where you’ll learn how to prepare the real “Olive al Ascolana”, mamma mia delicious!

● Take part in a masterclass on the art of stone carving into the Tavertino quarry and admire the sunset bringing to life its breathtaking array of colours!

● Discover the authentic wine of the southern region of Le Marche and its historic wineries, where the unmistakable aroma of respect for family values and traditions fills the air.

● The region of le Marche offers a wealth of picturesque trails, each with its unique charm. Amongst them, the trail of wool stands out for its exceptional appeal!

A pleasure to meet you!

Giulia and Michela here, the founders of CuriousItalia Incoming Tour operator, specialised in Le Marche and Italy.

With nearly two decades of experience in the field, we possess an extensive understanding and admiration for this enchanting territory we call home.

Join us on a journey of discovery as we take you off the beaten path to explore hidden gems, marvellous natural wonders, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and local culinary delights. Let us be your expert guides, accompanying you every step of the way to create an unforgettable and seamless experience. Get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime!

Imagine the journey of your dreams…

– A unique adventure full of joy and exceptional connections
– Find hidden places and memorable stories
– The pleasure of sharing and honouring local habits

Let us take you on a journey that blends the best of past and present, an indulgence in the shared experiences of art, culture, nature, and tradition. Live an experience filled with vibrant colours and unforgettable events, etched in your heart forever. Carry with you precious memories and cherished bonds, as you journey back home.

What our travelers say...

Our Le Marche trip was excellent. Michela and Giulia were the perfect hosts and whose kindness we will always remember. We will enthusiastically recommend your trips, especially the unspoiled Le Marche to others in the USA!

Carol and Frank, NY, USA

Thank you for all your kindness and hard work to make our experience in le Marche so unforgettable! Ciao dear friend ♥️

Colleen, USA

An exciting day with you and Ivana! Great thanks for booking the cave tour and let me improve my underground Italian!
Anne, Australia

There is no way a guest would expect any Art or anything other than what we got.
Meet some lovely people who were kind and welcomed us into their homes and their ways of life. It was humbling for me to be greeted so enthusiastically, I learned a lot.
I congratulate you on an excellent, well organized and insightful tour.

Amanda, UK

We would like to thank you and your team very much for the well-arranged program for the two highlights on our agenda. A special thanks for your flexibility on the event which had been a real challenge due to weather and short notice.

Jochen, CH



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