unique women’s holidays
dedicated to women…

…designed by women

Our passion for Italy has been creating inspirational programs focused on women’s holidays for years and we are eventually ready to reveal our specialization to the world. Women’s world is our world and our dream has come true.

Be ready to live exclusive journeys dedicated to women created by two women, Michela and Giulia, who know what women want when they travel and when they dream about coming to Italy.

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Off the beaten path

Discover and live hidden gems with female touch and style of Italian beauty.

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100% custom made

Programs designed around women, never static with our personal female touch.

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italian soul

You feel at home, you will smile, speak some Italian words and songs immediately

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Reconnect to yourself, expand your mind and heart, live and feel the beauty you see! 

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meet local women

Special local women who are very proud to open the doors of their passions and jobs as secrets, preserved with great care.

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Strong link with the territory and respect for the environment: we give value to small producers, local artisans, organic wineries…

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sister's trip

We know the meaning of sharing and travelling together; like mother and daughter, friends, colleagues.

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Feel the passion that goes into all our planning, and our well-selected suppliers and the result will be memorable.

We understand what you want

Our curious tours will be treasured in your heart forever

let italian women inspire you

Have you ever been inspired by the feelings, the discoveries, the laughter, the naturalness, the mindfulness, the harmony, the well-being, and the   new projects that arise from trips experienced by women only?

Let us show you the hidden beauties.
It’s OK to take time for yourself. Are you ready? 

  • yoga sessions in beautiful countrysides and wineries
  • retreats to empower yourself
  • photo tours on landscapes, flowers, architectural details
  • discover luxury fragrances for environments and home
  • discover how a leather shoe or a copper jewel is made
  • do you know how to make a straw hat?
  • visit historic cellars run by women
  • discover female craft breweries
  • live opera concerts at historica theatres
  • private opera concerts at the home of the master pianist
  • sensory journey with a tea sommelier and an art historian among the works of Renaissance artists
  • literary trekking on famous female characters
  • visit to historic Italian gardens
  • private visit to ancient palazzo, fortresses or castles
  • discover the Renaissance by the blue color guado
  • “local market experience” & cook together with “la mama”
  • cooking classes with private chef, focused on truffle, fish or farmer’s delicacies
  • boat excursion at sunset at Parco del Conero

create new memories and friends

In front of a table of women, tasting a coffee, admiring a fascinating panorama view we can always find new ideas, solutions to problems, the open-mindedness we have in front of life and therefore the curiosity to discover the beauty and the secrets of a destination with the eyes and the heart of a woman…

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Michela Carbonari
+39 338 186 2947

Giulia Tonti
+39 339 291 3497



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Di Michela Carbonari &
Giulia Tonti
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61122 Pesaro (PU)

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